360-Degree Turning Belt Conveyor, Groove Type Belt Machine

360-Degree Turning Belt Conveyor, Groove Type Belt Machine

360-diploma turning belt conveyor

The structure is assorted, the groove type belt equipment, the flat kind belt equipment, the climbing slope belt 
equipment, the compassion belt equipment, the change belt machine and so on numerous varieties and so on, the conveyor
belt may possibly also include the push board, the compassion baffle, the skirt edge and so on the attachment. The
conveyor belt has a lot of materials, this sort of as rubber, canvas, PVCU and so on, which can be used for the
transportation of common resources as properly as oil resistance, corrosion resistance, static resistance and so on.

The 360-degree turning belt conveyor adopts unique foodstuff-grade conveyor belt, which can meet up with the
needs of food, pharmacy, day-to-day chemical sector and so on.

360-diploma turning belt conveyor conveys easy, content and conveyor belt in between the relative movement,
can steer clear of the transportation of harm. Compared with other conveyors significantly less sound. Ideal for silent functioning
atmosphere, basic construction, straightforward upkeep, lower energy consumption and minimal expense.

360-diploma turning belt conveyor specification:

one. The width of the normal conveyor belt is 200m 300, four hundred, 500, 600, seven-hundred, 800, 000, 1, two hundred mm, and many others. Other
unique specifications can also be adopted according to the customer’s needs.

2.Turning belt device normal turning radius of R185N R600 R900 R1200mm and so on can also adopt
other special technical specs according to customer requirements.

The technical parameters are just for reference, all the technological information are subject to the final
design and style.

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360-Degree Turning Belt Conveyor, Groove Type Belt Machine