Boyang High Quality Mesh Belt Conveyor

Boyang High Quality Mesh Belt Conveyor


    Internet belt conveyor is a substance handling device that repeatedly transports resources on specific strains, also acknowledged as ongoing conveyor, which can be divided into net belt variety and web chain.CZPT can carry out horizontal, inclined and vertical transport, also can kind room transport line, transport line is usually fastened.CZPT transportation potential, lengthy length, but also in the transmission method to full a number of technological operations. Mesh belt conveyor generation supplies used, carbon metal, 201 stainless metal, 304 stainless steel.

 Using selection:
   Suitable for drying, dewetting, cleaning, swift-freezing and other procedures in various industries.

  working  theory:
  The conveying chain is sleeve roller chain with continuous bucket composition, which is utilized for horizontal and slope climbing of higher temperature clinker.

  Principal characteristics:
one. big conveying capability: the highest conveying capability can reach 526m3/h, and the greatest inclination Angle can get to 60 levels.Substantial temperature resistant, can transportation temperature significantly less than 600 degrees of supplies.
two. conveyor chain is composed of traction chain, load chain and CZPT lap (or reverse lap) hopper, a few parts can be free loading and unloading.
three.bearing roller with a rolling bearing, rolling friction as an alternative of the former sliding friction, managing resistance decreased by 55% to sixty five%, drastically decrease the electrical power usage of the conveyor, low strength usage.
4. the traction chain and the bearing chain are divided to simplify the construction, decrease the value and facilitate the installation and servicing.
5. lengthy service existence: the traction chain Utilizes prolonged pitch, sleeve roller chain, all areas of the chain are manufactured of alloy steelAnd processed by warmth therapy, wear-resistant.The excess weight of conveying component and material shall be borne by load-bearing partsChains no for a longer time have bodyweight and lessen wear.
Numerous process structure: horizontal, inclined, or by a number of horizontal, inclined mix format.

  Relevant fields:
 commonly employed in cement, paper, sugar, chemical and other industries.Most ideal for materials slurry sort, granular, and many others.

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Boyang High Quality Mesh Belt Conveyor