Chain Puller Hoist Block Lift Pulley Tool Hoist Hand Tools Chain with Hook

Chain Puller Hoist Block Lift Pulley Tool Hoist Hand Tools Chain with Hook

HY Chain Block
1. Description 

Chain block also named chain fall, has the benefits of portability, easy routine maintenance, highly mechanical effectiveness and sturdiness. It’s commonly used in factories, development websites, mining, warehouses, and so forth, combing with beams or trolleys under no-electrical power and open problems.


Forged and heat treated load hooks with safety latch.
Far more compact and gentle fat.
CZPT pawl system.
Accepted by CE standard.
Ultra sturdy Alloy facet plate.

Product HY571 HY571 HY030 HY050 HY100 HY200 HY300 HY500
Capability  ton 1 two 3 five 10 twenty thirty 50
Check load  ton 1.25 two.five three.seventy five six.25 12.five twenty five 37.5 sixty two.5
CZPT lift  m 3 3 3 3 three 3 3 three
Falls of load chain one 2 two 2 4 8 12 22
Load chain size mm 6×18 6×18 8×24 10×30 10×30 10×30 10×30 10×30
Pressure of total load  N 284 343 343 372 382 382×2 395 420
Net excess weight   KG eleven.3 22.5 37.twenty five 75.5 192 220 1092
Shipping Weight  KG eleven.6 27.four 38.3 78.five 215.five 240 1156

3. Chain Block Precaution of Utilizing

one) Before you use the chain hoist, please do keep in mind to check the hooks and bodies, the brake device and lubrication of transmitting areas, and load chains in good issue as well as the die motions.
      2) Do not use two or more chain hoists to lift one excess weight
      3) Do not function chain hoist when load is not centered under hoist
      four) Do not let the hook block or stop block to speak to bottom of chain hoist
      5) Do not get rid of or obscure this warning label
      6) Do not raise more than potential
      7) Do not operate with twisted, kinked or damaged chain
      eight) Do not lift men and women or masses more than individuals. 

4. Organization service and technological assist

  1. Samples can be supplied by express. Costs will be lowered in orders.
  2. Our areas library can make sure timely and ample spare elements. Some free wearing components can be supplied in accordance to get details.
  3. Our warranty is one year for cost-free servicing.
  4. Training can be offered , this sort of as design and style, customization,set up and following-revenue use.
  5. OEM is welcomed.
  6. Totally quick opinions


Chain Puller Hoist Block Lift Pulley Tool Hoist Hand Tools Chain with Hook