China Manufacturer Mesh Belt Dryer for Floating Fish Feed Pellets

China Manufacturer Mesh Belt Dryer for Floating Fish Feed Pellets

 Continuous Mesh Belt Sort Fish Feed Pellet Drying Products

1.  Application

The belt dryer is mostly for mass generation of constant drying great permeability sheet, strips, granules and grainy resources. This collection dryer has the positive aspects of substantial drying speed, high evaporation intensity and very good high quality last merchandise.

two.  CZPT Parameters

one)  Tools identify: steady mesh belt type drying machine.
2)  Mesh belt width: .five-one.five mm
three)  Mesh belt layers: can be three, 5, 7 layer (diverse capability and grain humidity needs different levels and drying situation length)
4)  Drying temperature: 80-a hundred and fifty diploma
five)  Water evaporation capability: 20-a hundred and twenty kg/h
six)  Mesh belt feeding speed: 2-nine m/h (frequency speed regulation)
seven)  Heating technique: Optional with electric heating, steam heating (steam press is .three-.6Mpa), oil heating and many others to be heat resource. Most generally utilized electric powered heating and steam heating.

three.  Working Basic principle

The material is evenly spread on the mesh belt the materials gets moved from the CZPT to discharging side by motor travel, comprehensive the drying procedure.

Underneath the motion of the circulating fan, the air inside of drying situation goes by way of mesh belt flip to content. Air 1st goes through steam exchanger or heat pipe attain to essential drying temperature. Then touches mesh belt layers, comprehensive the heat transfer approach.

At that second, the air temperature goes down, water content elevated, portion of the moist air discharged by admirer, the other part mixes with typical temperature air cycle for 2nd drying in order to achieve the full utilization of power.

Temperature and dampness inside of the situation can be controlled by merged gadget of eliminate dampness and steam offer electric powered heating temperature handle gadget.

At the conclude of drying period of time, if require to great down the merchandise, just flip off steam valve or electric powered heating device to cease the heating, by way of the suction of regular temperature air to cool the items.

4.  Main Structure

1)  Transmission program

Adopts mesh belt motor (frequency pace control) + reducer + chain transmission combination construction. Mesh belt operating pace can be accomplished by changing motor operating frequency.

2)  Conveying method

CZPT technique is made up of driving wheel, conveyor chain, tensioning device, supporting rod and mesh belt. Equally sides of chain are linked by way of a supporting rod, a chain wheel and steel rail positioning. Mesh belt is fixed on the supporting rod, run along with chain and rod. Driving wheel is set up at the discharging aspect.

3)  Drying space

The drying area is divided into main place and air ducting two elements. It has the observation doorway at the principal drying room the pendent style of base is handy for cleaning the accumulated material.

four)  Temperature manage

Steam Vehicle handle electromagnetic valve, controls drying temperature of every components, guide valve device is largely set according to the steel thermometer you will find a temperature controller at the electrical cupboard for electric powered heating.

five)  CZPT management technique

See the basic principle diagram of electric powered handle

China Manufacturer Mesh Belt Dryer for Floating Fish Feed Pellets