Full Automatic Flavor Water Drinking Filling System

Full Automatic Flavor Water Drinking Filling System

Merchandise Description of Carbonated Drinking water Bottling Machine:
The bottle is stuffed with a gasoline-filled beverage bottle and is sent to the a few-in-one filling device by implies of a whip wheel. The bottle is equipped with a bottle holder, up. The cleaned bottle is drawn from the bottle and is conveyed to the filling equipment by signifies of a bottle stopper, and the bottle entering the filling device is held by the bottleneck tray and the bottle is fed into the filling machine. The bottle is lifted and the filling is accomplished and the filling is completed. Filling Bottom Bottle The lifting mechanism leaves the filling valve and the bottle enters the capping equipment via the bottle dial wheel. The rotary knife on the capping equipment stays the neck and keeps the bottle upright And avoid rotation. The capping head is held on the capping device and is rotated and rotated to obtain the protect, cover, and capping action below the motion of the cam to complete the whole capping procedure. The vial is conveyed from the capping device to the bottle conveying chain by means of the bottle ejecting wheel, and the 3-in-one device is conveyed by the conveying chain.The complete device is enclosed by the closed window, the height of the closed window is higher than the greatest level of the products, Leaving the appropriate channel, leaving the bottom of the closed window exhaust vents, centralized air to the air purification program.

Features of carbonated water bottling equipment:
one) Accomplish the sought after stage of carbonation
    HangCZPT CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd. production of “bottle-filling-capping 3-in-one machine” carbonated to sustain a realistic amount, carbon dioxide articles satisfy the specifications.
two) To make sure the proper ratio of syrup and h2o
  I created the “bottle-filling -capping 3-in-1 equipment,” the use of a filling to comprehensive, far more successful to ensure the accuracy of completed beverage syrup and handle the filling peak to make sure the typical ratio.
3) To maintain a affordable and regular filling peak
  I developed the “filling bottle- filling-capping 3-in-one machine,” the precision of filling top and ensure that the contents meet the essential expectations, will not produce leakage and explosion bottles and other phenomena.
4) The prime of the container ought to keep the minimal sum of air
    I created the “flushing- filling-capping a few-in-1 device” portion of the air gap is lower, totally assure the aroma of beverages or other parts of the oxidation, resulting in product deterioration.
5) Sealed tightly and efficiently
    Seal is a key aspect in guarding and keeping the top quality of the beverage. “Flush – Fill -Cover Trinity” No matter whether the crown cap or the screw cap need to be tightly sealed, the gland does not cause any damage to the container, Edge top quality meets the specified specifications.
six) To preserve the balance of the solution
  “Rinsing- filling -capping three-in-one particular device” to make sure solution balance, open the lid will not spew and bubble spill phenomenon.
seven) Chilly filling technological innovation
I developed the “bottle filling capping 3-in-one particular machine” employing cold drinking water filling technology.
Carbon dioxide beverage goods triggered by unstable factors are: extreme carbonation, the existence of impurities, the existence of air, filling temperature is as well higher or large temperature difference. Any carbonated beverage is unstable (supersaturated) at atmospheric pressure, and this instability boosts with escalating carbonation and temperature, so cold bottles (containers), chilly syrups, cold water (chilly drinks) pairs Filling is really beneficial.

Equipment parameters:
Variety of stations: bottle 24-32, filling 24-32, protect 24-32
Manufacturing potential: 5000 ~ 15000 bottles / hour (150 ~ 2500ml / bottle)
Air provide pressure: .7MPa
Air consumption: .8m & sup3 / min
Pour bottle h2o force: .two-.25MPa
Washing h2o use: 2 tons / hour
Principal motor energy: 3KW
Device electricity: four.5KW
Excess weight: 5000kg

Product:RFC-CR Sequence
Relevant Production:Beer, Carbonated Comfortable drink, sparking h2o , and oxygen-enriched water
Caps relevant : ROPP Aluminum Caps Integrated rinsing empty bottles washing ,filling bottles, capping bottles,3 in one
Filling Precision:±3mm liquid level

Model 14-twelve-5 16-16-5 24-24-8 32-32-8 forty-40-10
Ability(BPH) 4000 7000 ten thousand 12000 15000
Suitable to Bottle Shape Round and Square container Bottle diameter:50-120mm Bottle Height:a hundred and sixty-320m
Travel Motor 2.forty two three.12 three.ninety two 3.92 5.87
Dimension(L*W*H)mm 2400*1770*2700 2800*2060*2700 2950*2230*2700 3700*2650*2700 4850*3320*2700

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Full Automatic Flavor Water Drinking Filling System