Semi-Automatic Folder Gluer Machine by Chain Feeder

Semi-Automatic Folder Gluer Machine by Chain Feeder

MJZX-4 Flexo Printing and Slotting Machine (Chain feeder)

Primary Parameters

Model MJBL-four-950 MJBL-4-1324
Max. feeding dimension 950*2200mm 1270*2400mm
Min. feeding dimensions 270*600mm 380*600mm
Max. Printing Region 950*2000mm 1250*2200mm
Min. Slotting space (mm) 280*eighty*280*80 (typical knife)
160*one hundred sixty*160*a hundred and sixty (Reverse knife)
Max. Slotting depth 240mm 320mm
Printing plate thickness seven.2mm seven.2mm
Paperboard thickness two-11mm two-11mm
Max. machine pace (pcs/m) -70pcs/min -70pcs/min
Printing precision +-1.0mm +-one.0mm
Slotting precision +-1.5mm +-one.5mm

II. Introduction

  1. This machine is composed of chain feeding system, printing, slotting, electrical method and so on. It can complete the capabilities of printing, pressing line, slotting, cutting in one time.
  2. The Wall board use HT250 with hand working on it, make certain it will not be curve. It is processed with uninteresting equipment, make sure the processing precision and high quality of the board. The board framework is solid forged iron, with thickness 35mm, have great shockproof capacity, gears use metal straight gear with 45# metal dealt with substantial-frequency quenching, Precision grade is a lot more than six, hardness is HRC52~58. The lubrication use take care of pouring. The functioning sounds is minimal, the toughness and driving secure is very good. The hole alter of printing and feeding use wall turbine-worm and alter the double-stand composition, any paperboard size you want to change, it can make sure there is no gap driving, and make the precision substantial.
  3. All the bearings are made from Haerbin, HangCZPT and these kinds of famous model item.
  4. Oil box use thick steel board dealt with end machining, make positive there is no leak of the lubrication oil.
  5. Use “outside the house change the turbine-worm” for adjusting minimal-roller gap modify, make confident there is no centre tour of up roller and down roller.
  6. CZPTally independent and shut of the equipment, with the alarm-bell hooked up. During the individual and near work of the equipment, the alarm-bell is ringing to make positive the basic safety of the personnel.
  7. Soon after each and every part closed, there are pneumatic cylinder for lock. The major energy can not open up if the pneumatic cylinder does not lock. And soon after the major energy open, the pneumatic cylinder can’t open.
  8. The electrical working case of printing element and slotting element are independently, very straightforward to operate.

one) Paperboard Feeding Element

  1. Chain product feeding by hand.
  2. The bottom slideway of the chain use hard insulation content, can lessen the operating sound.
  3. Cotton ginning roller avoids the skip of paperboard when feeding, this aids to boost the feeding precision. All the axis use double-plate welding, and dealt with steady-stability. After processing, dealt with refining grinding, and then coating with hard chrome.
  4. The primary electrical motor is stepless velocity-change, it is energy-conserve, operating secure and can operate in lower velocity.

2) Printing Portion

  1. The printing roll is dealt with harmony check, surface grinding, coating with tough chrome and dealt with sharpening.
  2. There are entrance and back transport plates in the bottom of printing plate roller, this assist the paperboard-press-axis to transport the paperboard efficiently during the chromatically. This will help to make the chromatically precision really excellent.
  3. 360°electrical phase with digital screen alter gear. Precision of distinguish is .5mm shown with dial. The electrical period adjust program use planet-gear construction, when the device not operate, it can be 360°electrical alter. The axis path change of the printing-plate-roll is by hand, can be ±20mm modified, this can be modified when device run or stop.
  4. Be aware: The microcomputer has plate-cleaning perform, there is no need pneumatic orientation during the separating and closing the machine. The microcomputer can bear in mind the exact place of the chromatically, so no need to have to alter the chromatically all the time.
  5. Automatically ink supply technique. Pneumatic inking when pneumatic up plate, can equal ink immediately. When the device quit, it will not effect the printing effect since of the dry of the ink. The ink return pipe is 1-inch steel pipe coated with difficult chrome, it can return the rest ink to the ink drum timely to stay away from the ink leaking.
  6. Pneumatic brake system, when the device independent, it will limit the machine doing work, and keep the gears’ spot mounted.

three) Slotting Component

  1. Reducing and slotting base can be 360°positive and unfavorable electrical adjusted. Use digital show tiny-modify equipment.
  2. The knives can be synchronized altered. The change is extremely effortless, and the lock is trustworthy, slotting precision is excellent. The modify perform use interior-gear travel design and style and dress in effectively.
  3. The back electrical management change can management entrance operation. In the course of the work, if there is urgent circumstance, the worker in the again can management the equipment managing.

Semi-Automatic Folder Gluer Machine by Chain Feeder