Yctd Shrink Packaging Machine Ycbs25

Yctd Shrink Packaging Machine Ycbs25

Two Rollers Movie Shrinking Packaging Equipment



  1. Principal complex parameters:

1. Functioning voltage:Three-stage-5 -line 380V/50Hz, 38KW
2. Operating pressure:.six~.8Mpa (CZPT oil CZPT drinking water)
3. Air usage:  0.35 NL/min
4. Shrink chamber:L×W×H=2500×650×450(mm)
5. Packing velocity: fifteen-18 packs/min
six. Sealing temperature: 170ºC~200ºC
7. Shrink temperature:150ºC~280ºC
eight.Packing :LDPE  print film(dust & static electrical power eliminated)
Width of movie roll:≤580mm
Thickness of film:.06~.12mm
Diameter of movie roll:≤400mm                                                        
9. Operating noise:≤65dB                                            
ten. Tall fat:2500kg
11. Outdoors dimensions:L×W×H=13840×1100×2100mm
twelve. Deal size: host device:3400×1100×2100mm
Shrink oven:4000×1100×1700mm

  1. The primary efficiency attributes
  1. Undertake new technology design, human-equipment interface, straightforward and obvious, humanized procedure method.
  2. Vintage form, lovely, novel construction, special, easy procedure and servicing. Electronic sensing PE movie shipping and delivery, sending movie secure, rapidly and hassle-free for membrane.
  3. The 3rd era SHF thermostatic seal cutter, Edge firmly, lower off quickly. Sealing power of cold lower scorching knife more than 3 instances, uniform sealing formation, the provider lifestyle is 80 times the hot sealing knife.
  4. Shrinkage chamber employing circulating air provide technological innovation, sensible structure, thermal insulation, higher temperature precision, shrink packaging effect is greater.
  5. Supporting Germany’s Siemens, Japan’s OMRON, UNIQUC and other superior manage factors, nicely-geared up.
  6. The hole amongst the cooling channel and the contraction channel is greater than 500mm, so that the cold wind can be prevented and the heat reduction will be lowered.
  7. Movie-sending motor, new circulation wind motor with overload security device include OMRON intermediate relay, to defend the circuit security.
  8. This product is unique YCTD Innovative goods to fill the China gap, the countrywide patent engineering.
  9. Primary parts

(Configurations are matter to change CZPT prior recognize)

NO. YCBS-25 Disposition Specifications and design Remarks
one Isothermal sealing cutter L660 SHF
2 PLC(core portion) OMRON JAPAN
3 Touch Display WEINVIEW ZheJiang
4 Motor protector 3UA5040-OG Germany
5 Transducer Danfoss Denmark
six Reduce-cutter cylinder UNIQUC ZheJiang
seven Intermediate relay SCHNEIDER FRANCE
eight Approaches change Leuze Germany
nine Contactor SIMENS Germany
10 CZPT belt mesh DUPONT Usa
eleven Heating pipe of shrink oven CHINA Φ20*1240*1800W
12 Heating pipe of sealing cutter CHINA Φ10*650*1000W


  1.  Accessory

one. Mechanical running instructions                          1 personal computer
two. CZPTal functioning instructions                            1 laptop
three. Instruction of Transducer                                  1 pc
4. CZPTal difficulty taking pictures manuals                         1 pc
5. Instruction of temperature controller                         1 personal computer
six. Qualification                                              1 pc
seven. Promise Sheet                                         1 computer
8. Inspection reports                                         1 personal computer
  CZPT components (free of charge presents go with device)
1. Contactor                                               1pc
two. Intermediate relay                                        2pcs
three. 3.5m thermocouple                                       1pc
four. 5m thermocouple                                        1pc
five. Red Pressing rubber                                     2set
six. Heating tube for tunnel (two lengthy two short)                  4pcs
seven. Heating tube for cutter                                    2pcs
eight. Chain plate                                              10 items
9. Sliding  bearing                                          2 pieces
ten. Sleeve φ19                                             1set
11. Internal hexagonal spanner                                 1 set
twelve. Adjust spanner                                          1pc
thirteen. Hatch spanner forty one-46                                     1pc
14. Tests film                                              2 rolls
(Observe: spare elements over only as reference you should take packing checklist as regular)

Yctd Shrink Packaging Machine Ycbs25